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Pregnancy and Birth Supporter



Hey, I'm Zades.


My passion for supporting women began when I attended my youngest brother’s birth at 14 years of age. It was the most amazing experience and from that moment on, I knew that supporting women was what I wanted to do. The birth was natural with no complications or interventions; I feel very blessed to have had that as my introduction to birth.


I am a strong supporter of natural birthing and home birthing. I believe that pregnancy and birth should be a joyful time full of nourishment and love from people you trust and who care about you. I understand that if issues arise, medical assistance is sometimes called for, however, if there's a natural way around it, I will do my best to find it.


My mum was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) 6 weeks after Banjo’s birth and it hit the family hard. She was bedridden for months and took on the responsibility of full time caregiver for the family, looking after Mum and my three brothers then aged seven, three and a newborn. I learnt a lot about responsibility and care and although it was difficult, I did it in love, always.


As well as supporting women in pregnancy, birth and taking care of children I also love writing and playing music. I write not only to express myself but also to inspire and uplift people with positive words and melodies.


I feel very blessed to be on this beautiful journey and I’d love to help make your journey as beautiful as it be can be too.


Zadie Jane Clapham



Mobile: 0455 244 998


Located in the Surf Coast Shire