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A doula (also known as birth attendant) is trained and experienced in the physiological, emotional and spiritual elements of birth.


Doulas are non-medical in their role and work alongside midwives, doctors and alternative health care professionals to ensure 100% support and optimal birth outcomes are achieved.  


Every woman who engages a doula to support them has their own unique reason why. Often women will meet with two or three doulas to find a doula that best meets their birthing and parenting values. Having doula support can also encourage self sufficiency, confidence and resilience as well as assisting in building strong support networks and a village in preparation for birth and beyond.

Benefits of having the presence of a doula present during pregnancy, birth and post partum:

  • reduces incidence of c-sections

  • may shorten the length of labour

  • reduces epidural and analgesic requests

  • increases breastfeeding initiation and continuation

  • increases mother's satisfaction of birth experience

  • can reduce the incidence of post partum depletion

  • increases confidence in body and parenting abilities