When we fell pregnant with our second child, we wanted to experience a new birth, a new story and with Kellie’s support, we were able to do this by welcoming our Son Jarrah into the world by having a normal physiologic labour and birth.


Upon first speaking with Kellie over the phone, I found her to be very patient, gentle, informative and professional.  And then when we met Kellie in person - my Husband Chris, Daughter Matilda and I, formed a beautiful connection with Kellie and knew she was the Doula for us.


Throughout our on-going interactions with Kellie during our pregnancy, Kellie provided support and guidance both in person and over the phone; she was flexible and accommodating; she provided information and resources including books and birth plan examples, as well as personal and professional experiences; she formed a beautiful relationship with Chris and was able to guide and support him personally as well; and one of the key outcomes we wanted from our second pregnancy, was to overcome past experiences and write the way for a new one, and Kellie certainly helped us with this.


Though Kellie was not there with us during labour (as it was quite a quick one!), she was there in spirit and on the phone with Chris providing all her guidance and encouragement in the early hours of the morning which he is truly grateful for.  Kellie’s support certainly did not stop there - after the birth of Jarrah, she continued to provide on-going postpartum care, with a very special closure ceremony at the end of our journey together.


We all want to thank you again Kellie for joining us throughout this special journey of ours.  You have a beautiful soul and will always hold a special place in our hearts.


Love Liv, Chris, Matilda and Jarrah xx  

With Kellie’s support we got the birth outcome we wanted - a natural birth in a hospital setting.  Meetings before the birth were flexibly scheduled around our work and family commitments, even meeting at a playground to keep our four year old busy.  After our discussions with Kellie and the use of her books / CDs we had a clear birth plan worked out and plenty of ideas about non medical measures to use at the birth.  Through some amazing intuition Kellie had told us several times that the birth may happen quickly and to be careful about delaying getting to the hospital.  As it turned out it was lucky we left right away as the second stage was almost beginning when we arrived and our son was born about three hours after labour had begun.  During labour Kellie’s voice was clear, reassuring and made sense.  She helped us with communication with the hospital staff which left the birthing Mum free to focus on her job.  Dad was guided in the best ways to assist.  The birth left us feeling empowered and of course overjoyed to have met our son in this calm gentle way.  Kellie’s support afterward helped a great deal with recovery and transitioning to our new family life, and we were grateful for the curry and vegan tart!  

Clair and Jason

I had never heard of doulas before, until a close friend told me about Kellie. 


Having her for the birth of our first baby was one of the best decisions I’ve made.


After my first few appointments with Kellie, I’ve decided for a homebirth. 


We have been working several months together before my due date, practicing hypnobirth and visualization. 


I so much enjoyed our antenatal preparation. It helped me greatly to release tension and anxiety and gave me the confidence I require to go through a natural birth. Kellie has been all the way through so supportive with me and my partner Tim!


Even though I actually gave birth to my baby in hospital, it was still an amazing and empowered experience for me!  Alexandra was born on the due date, by natural childbirth, half an hour after we arrived at the maternity. All went perfectly well! 


Giving birth unmedicated and having to endure pain (I don't even remember it as “pain” actually!) gave me such a big sense of accomplishment afterward! 


“Kellie how to thank you enough for what you brought me during those few months before, during and after birth! You have the kindest and most beautiful nature, you are intuitive, gentle yet so strong too when I needed you the most!


Our hypnobirth sessions helped me so much during labour and still now I’m using the technique, 3 months after, to help me relax when I get anxious or exhausted.”


Thank you again so much for supporting us with the birth of our beautiful daughter Alexandra!!! “


Tim & Vanessa

As 1st time parents expecting identical twins, having Kellie on board for the amazing journey of our twins pregnancy, birth and early parenting was invaluable.
We knew about doulas and long before we knew we were pregnant we had made the decision of choosing the support team that would make our birthing experience more personal.
Kellie had previously supported 2 couples of friends and when I met her for the first time (I didn't know it but I was already a few weeks pregnant) I knew we would ask her to be part of the team should we get pregnant, one day!

It was always very comforting meeting up with Kellie in the pre-natal period, with a twin pregnancy requiring more medical attention, her intuitive and gentle approach was a great balance. Being always very respectful of our choices, she helped us feel confident with our decisions.
Kellie is passionate about birth and she has built up a great network of contacts, professionals and parents, so there is always someone she can put you in touch with should you require specific info regarding any aspects of birthing or early parenting.

It is when things didn't quite go according to plan that I realised the importance of having Kellie by our side. Her calm and down to earth attitude was so reassuring, she stepped up, when needed, to deal with the medical team and to make sure our birth plan was respected, always in a very professional and respectful manner. Kellie's support post birth was amazing too,she is the one who sorted out our early breastfeeding issues by providing a breast pump, finding and delivering some precious donor milk, helping with positioning, all this until the milk finally started to flow and we became self-sufficient.

All the way through I was always amazed how I would get a phone call or a message from Kellie each time I actually needed it! Being very caring and attentive, a mum herself and experienced doula, she just seems to know and can intuitively tap into your feelings and emotions and "read" you to come up with what is required, be it a chat over a cuppa, a relaxing massage, or just a smile or a hug.

Thank you again Kellie for being with us during this very special time of our life, for sharing with us so many laughs, a few tears and a lot of fun!

Love always

Estelle, Pete, Oscar and Angus

"Kellie, "Thank you for all of your support. Miles and I really appreciate the perspective you brought to the birth of squeak. It was great to have someone to provide another view and be able to talk through all the items that were going through my mind as the birth approached and following. I really enjoy chatting with you as i feel we have a lot in common and I am really happy to have gotten to know you over the past few months. Thanks again for all your support. 

Brooke and Miles​​

"I want to say a huge thankyou for assisting me with my birth choices. Right from the first phonecall I felt supported in a way that was different from the kind of support friends and family could offer me. The difference was your birth knowledge, woman-centred approach to birth, and a real empathy for what I was going though. With your help I was able to find the strength to follow my instincts (which I had been feeling for months, but had been ignoring!). I also really appreciate how you really listened to me, and my concerns.

It was so nice to be heard by someone without judgement or trying to influence me in any way. Thanks also for the excellent practical advice over the phone during my labour- again your help at that time was invaluable and made all the difference. I would definantly recommend your services to others. Adam and I are so greatful for the amazing help you have been in bringing our baby into the world. I can't thank you enough!"

Heartfelt thanks,



"To say that Kellie was above and beyond our expectations of a doula would be a massive understatement! Her sensitivity, authenticity and genuine love really assisted my husband, son and I to prepare for the birth of our daughter in an unbelievably nurturing way.

Kellie's presence during my birth was very gentle and it was wonderful to have her intuitively know what was needed in each moment. My real and unexpected need for Kellie's support came during the post-birth period and she was there for me 110%. Kellie helped me to honour, process and journey through the emotions that surfaced for me during that time and to really come further into myself as a mother. I am truly blessed to have met Kellie and have had her by my side during this amazing time of growth for my family and I. We are forever grateful."

Thank you soooooo much for the time and love and muffins and massages and listening ears and EVERYTHING that you provided for my family and I. To put a price on your services just doesn't do it justice, but we pray that God who sees your heart and all that you do for people will bless you in ways that you could never imagine!!

Love you heaps xox,

​" Years ago my good friend had considered seeking a doula to assist at her home birth, so i was aware of this ancient practice still being practiced today. It was many years after when i first became pregnant but in the years in between i met Kellie who lived in my local area. We had danced salsa a few times, chatted about the use of music and dance therapy and connected through our love of creativity. One of my most vivid memories of Kel was when we were both travelling around Australia on separate journeys but had met up at a place called 1770. She was sitting on a fold out camp chair and as she stretched her long legs she said how much she'd love to be pregnant again and to have another child. I was surprised because i rarely heard this love of mothering, birthing and pregnancy expressed so freely and i felt an immediate connection to how i wanted to experience becoming a mother with a similar joy.

So, when i did become pregnant it was a natural thing to choose to be closer to Kel during the birthing journey. I loved how she spoke about it, how soulfully and lovingly she presented the birthing experience and how it reminded me of an old part of myself that i hadn't quite reconnected with in recent times. Kel readily agreed to be my doula and i feel so lucky because she was above and beyond all i had imagined a Doula to be. She was very intuitive about how to support me when i couldn't articulate what i needed myself. I remember feeling surprised to realise i was often in her thoughts. It was as if she was providing an open connection that was there all the time. It felt magical!

At the drop of a hat Kel accompanied me to the hospital when i needed tests. She brought food (i hadnt thought of that!) and helped me to keep connected to the soulfulness of birth without even saying anything.

At the birth Kellie was amazing. She had the place set up within minutes with all sorts of things i hadn't even thought of. She melded into the birthing team beautifully, sensing quickly how she could best work with my partner without usurping his role or 'stepping on his toes'. She was an amazing support during the birth on so many levels - practical, physical, emotional, ritual (taking some beautiful photos) - and never once did i feel hurried or like my labour was putting her out, even though she has a family of her own to look after.

And the support just kept coming afterwards too. I would without a doubt recommend a Doula to any pregnant woman or father to be and I would hope that that Doula was as intuitive, loving, flexible, creative and connected as the one i was blessed to have. Thank you from the depth of mine, Jullian's and little Evie's heart Kel. Your gift is of another realm and is priceless."

​Love Lucy, Jullian and Eve

"Kellie was absolutely invaluable through the final months of my pregnancy, the labour, birth and first week's of my daughter's life. Kellie was a huge support both emotionally and physically during this time and even managed to bring everything together for us at the last minute so that we could have a home birth in our new house (literally less than a week before the birth!). The labour was quick - just six hours - but Kellie was there from the first contractions to the final push with encouraging words, gentle massage and lots of loving support.

I had so many complications with breastfeeding in the early weeks and Kellie helped out with finding a lactation consultant, tracking down a breast pump at short notice, bringing shields and bottles and whatever else was needed over to the house and helping out with advice and support every day during this very difficult time.

Kellie truly did help immensely to make my pregnancy and birth the wonderful experience that it was. I am eternally grateful for Kellie's support and would absolutely recommend her services as a doula to anyone who is considering taking this path."

Rina and Hanneke

"The birth of our first child was amazing, but this time we wanted to see if we could get through labour with less medical intervention.  Kellie’s support and encouragement throughout the journey helped us achieve this.  Kellie embraced us with her whole heart.  She was professional, caring, respectful and true to our wishes.  Visits from Kellie during the pregnancy allowed us time to discuss openly our fears and hopes around the birth and made us feel comfortable with her gentle manner.

Knowing that I had my husband and Kellie advocating for me in a hospital environment meant I could focus all my energy on birthing my baby.  I felt very safe and supported, and this gave me a deeper sense of strength and positivity during Nate’s birth.

The postnatal support Kellie provided was amazing.  Her visits ensured the wellbeing of our entire family and nurtured us into the next stage of our life".

Sarah and Aaron

"What an amazing experience which I am so happy to have shared with you. I am blessed that I found you the time I did. I am so grateful that you wanted to be part of my support team and for your positive encouragement to follow my heart and have a homebirth.


Overall it was a truly magical day and I thank you with all my heart that you listened to my wishes and made it happen. Your pre and post natal support was fantastic. You have truly gone above and beyond what I envisaged and I thank you for that.

Your compassion, warmth and calming approach was phenomenal".

Thank you again,

Rachel and Totts

"Having Kellie supporting me through my pregnancy and birth was fantastic, it helped me realise what I wanted from my labour and birth experience.

Kellie was able to give me a whole lot of information to guide me and help prepare me for the impending birth. She also helped me through my fears and concerns resulting from my previous birth.

Kellie was a tremendous help physically and emotionally during the birth. The postnatal care was lovely as well. It was great to know there was someone there for me through everything."

Katie and Jason