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My name is Rina and I am a graduate doula, having comleted my training in 2014. I am passionate about supporting and inspiring women to have the best birth experience they can, whether this be at home, in hospital or a birthing centre, natural or augmented. This year I have been working with women to create their own visualisations for a positive mindset around birth and early mothering. I have practised meditation and learnt natural therapies for my own interest over the past 20 years and find positive thinking to be a great tool to use in pregnancy, birth and



I am a mother of one and gave birth to my beautiful daughter at home with the support of a midwife and doula, strong and gifted women both. I learnt so much about my body, mind and spirit in the process and was driven to learn more about the culture of birth and how our experiences at this precious time shape the journey of motherhood. By becoming a doula I hope to inspire in women the confidence, strength and trust in the birth experience to create the best possible outcome for mama and child. Other learning that complements my doula studies to support women during pregnancy, birth and early mothering includes:


* Degree in Medical Anthropology focussing on the mind/body connection in health and illness

* Currently studying Honours in Anthropology and researching the culture of birth in Australia

* Diploma of Education

* Reiki Level 1

* Massage certificate course

* Aromatherapy certificate course


* Mentored birth support package $350


~ Full pregnancy, birth and post natal support under the guidance of Kellie

~ 4 to 6 pre natal visits of up to two hours, including one appointment to meet mentor

~ On call support

~ Pregnancy information and support

~ Discussion of birth options and birth planning

~ Guided visualisation in preparation for birth, including take‐home script

~ Access to pregnancy, birth and parenting resources (books, DVDs, networks)

~ Labour, birth and post‐birth support in your home or hospital

~ 2 to 4 post‐natal visits and support with breastfeeding, adjusting to new routines as well as physical and emotional support

~ Birth debriefing


* Guided visualisation and relaxation $60


~ Initial appointment of up to two hours plus follow up appointment as needed

~ Guided deep relaxation and personalised visualisation

~ Creation of personalised script

~ Provision of extra tools to support visualisation such as affirmation or access to further resources if required

~ Follow up support and second appointment if required

~ Access to pregnancy, birth and parenting resources (books, DVDs, networks)

~ Tailored visualisations to prepare for first birth, to gain confidence for second birth if first did not go to plan, to help adjust to changes of early parenting


Rina Garner



m. 0417 536 790

Visit my facebook page: Soul Mamas


I would love to talk about your pregnancy & birth journey with you....