As my husband had said at a hospital appointment earlier, “Kellie is like an Angel on your shoulder”

Fiona - Surf Coast

"Knowing that I had my husband and Kellie advocating for me in a hospital environment meant I could focus all my energy on birthing my baby.  I felt very safe and supported, and this gave me a deeper sense of strength and positivity during Nate’s birth.​"

Sarah and Aaron - Hamlyn Heights​

"Her sensitivity, authenticity and genuine love really assisted my husband, son and I to prepare for the birth of our daughter in an unbelievably nurturing way."​

Sarah - Grovedale


I enljoy working as a team this is why I also enjoy meeting with you and your partner at our initial appoinment. 

In my experience most partners enjoy having an active role in the birth process whilst others can appear unsure of their role or how they feel about it. Education around the birth process and what to expect can alleviate a lot of uncertainty. With the presence of a doula your partner can be assured that if they leave the room for some fresh air that you will remain supported until they return. 

As a doula my role is to compliment and enhance your partner’s experience at birth. I am available to answer any questions and continually hold the space during this time.