Pregnancy and Post Natal Doula Training





Doula training is now available here in Geelong and the Surf Coast with Kellie Whiskin,

an experienced and qualified Doula, Counsellor and Movement Therapist.


"My mission is to provide a doula training experience full of education and inspiration that meets your passion and desire to support women and their families throughout their experience of pregnancy, birth and beyond.  A professional training for working with women in a personal capacity. Continuing to support women the old fashioned way!" 


“This is a great line up of guest speakers, carefully selected study topics, delicious food and a nurturing environment to ensure you get the very best out of this special training package."


Learning outcomes.......


Throughout the training you will learn and develop new skills that will enhance confidence and enable you to connect with and listen to your intuition. All of these important skills combined with the training content will support you in promoting wellbeing and facilitating a a smooth transition for the birthing mother from pregnancy to motherhood.


Days: fortnightly on a Saturday 10am to 5pm

(17 consecutive fortnights)

Friday evening on the first and last weekend of the training 7.30-9.30pm


Dates: See training overiew below


Cost: $1700 (or $1500 up front once off payment).

Payment plans are available please feel free to ask.


Venue: Torquay, Surf Coast


Training Overview


Week 1 - 2nd and 3rd May - Welcome Weekend

  • Welcome and Introduction to the training

  • Enjoy getting to know each other

  • Expectations of the training and personal outcomes


Week 2 - 17th May - Becoming a birth and parenting professional

  • What is a doula?

  • The role of a doula

  • Becoming a birth and parenting professional

  • Diversity of women and couples seeking support

  • Effective communication techniques


Week 3 - 31st May - Wellbeing in pregnancy

  • Pregnancy - The early days

  • Wellbeing in pregnancy - including physical, emotional, natural physiological and spiritual changes

  • Recognising ante natal depression

  • Support networks - get to know local health professionals and what they offer


Week 4 - 14th June - Preparing for birth

  • Guest Speaker - Judy Van Dreven, Midwife and Owner of The Birth House, Geelong.

  • Preparing for birth, what are the options?

  • Childbirth education and physical preparation

  • Routine screening tests in pregnancy

  • Choosing the right support team/health professionals


Week 5 - 28th June - Stages of labour

  • Guest Speaker - Rhea Dempsey - Transforming pain in childbirth "Embracing the Intensity"

  • Taking a look at the stages of labour and the importance of a strong support team

  • Recognising signs of labour

  • Movement in birth - active labour and birthing positions


Week 6 - 12th July - Being at birth

  • Partners and their role at birth.

  • Archetypes at birth

  • Recognising perceptions and perspectives of birth from all angles

  • Communication techniques

  • Working along side birth professionals


Week 7 - 26th July - Holistic approaches to pregnancy and birth

  • Guest Speaker - Petra Joly - Acupuncturist and owner of Newtown Natural Fertility and IVF.

  • Holistic approaches - Emphasising the importance of the whole experience and the interdependence of its parts.

  • Celebrating birth - blessingway ceremonies, baby/mother showers and the importance of building strong support networks


Week 8 - 9th August - Birth has arrived - All about birth

  • All about birth

  • Terminology

  • Doula preparation for birth - nourishment, birth bag

  • Pre-labour, birth, early hours post birth

  • Learn skills for working in challenging situations

  • Defining your role as doula - check in point


Week 9 - 23rd August - Unexpected outcomes - Grief and loss

  • Unexpected outcomes

  • How to continue holding the space in all outcomes

  • Take a look at grief and loss in all forms

  • Grief and Loss covers a broad spectrum of topics and can relate to many areas of a woman's and couples pregnancy, birth and early parenting experience

  • Who's supporting you while you are supporting others?

  • Debriefing - for doulas and couples


Week 10 - 6th September - Breasteeding

  • Guest Speaker - Wendy Wright - Lactation Consultant

  • Early days post birth - the importance of rest, nourishment, hydration and support

  • Recognising the physiological changes of mother and baby

  • Breastfeeding - introduction to supporting a new mother and baby


Week 11 - 20th September - Early parenting period - Days 1 - 14 and beyond

  • Guest Speaker - Sarah Kavanagh - Credential Mental Health Nurse

  • Taking a look at the Early parenting period

  • Learn skills in recognising post natal depression

  • Importance of rest for mother and baby

  • Learn some tips on reading a baby's cues and effective sleep settling techniques


Week 12 - 4th October - Post birth physiology - a closer look

  • Guest Speaker - Celia Bolton - Continence and Women's Health Physiotherapist and owner of Innerstrength Physiotherapy

  • A closer look at post birth physiology

  • Pelvic floor, gentle exercise and rest post birth

  • Post natal overview


Week 13 - 18th October - Check in point 1

  • This week we will take time out to look at any topics of interest that have not been covered or the group would like to know more about


Week 14 - 1st November - Check in point 2

  • This week we will take time out to look at any topics of interest that have not been covered or the group would like to know more about

  • Develop your doula skills


Week 15 - 15th November - Building your business

  • Taking a look at the business side of things...

  • Discover your purpose - why is it we do what we do?

  • Begin to brainstorm what you want your business to look like.

  • Mind maps, marketing and building your business

  • Networking and mentoring


Week 16 - 29th November - Creating your vision

  • Create your very own vision board and have fun creating your vision as a doula

  • More business mentoring, business tips and support


Week 17 - 12th and13th December - Reflection and completion of training

  • Today will be spent reflecting on our experience of the training together

  • Certificate presentation

  • Closure of the group



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