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Kaitlin Adelle - Butterfly Birthing Doula Services


My name is Kaitlin and I am a graduate doula. I believe my calling is to support young mothers through pregnancy, birth and early parenting.


I believe in the abilities of young mothers and want them to feel supported through this amazing and changing time in their life and to achieve the best birth outcome. I completed my training in 2014 and worked with three beautiful young mothers, assisting them through their pregnancies and preparing for their births. I encourage women to trust their bodies and their babies, showing them that they already know what to do.


I am a mother of two children, both born in hospital—one augmented (epidural, episiotomy and ventouse) and one natural. I have supported a range of births from natural and drug free to emergency and planned caesarean sections. I have also experienced and supported women through: early breaking of waters, gestational diabetes, irritable uterus, endometriosis, miscarriages, postnatal depression, heart conditions during pregnancy, continuing schooling through pregnancy and other challenges. As a doula I work to inspire young women to believe in themselves and their ability to be the best mother they can be, to bring strength and trust.


Other experience that I bring to my work as a doula include:

  •  Studies in youth work, counselling and mental health

  •  Certificates in hairdressing, beauty and massage

  •  Being a young mother


If you would like any information about pregnancy, birth and early parenting support I would love to hear from you.


Kaitlin Adelle



Mobile: 0405 712 716

Email: kagillard@hotmail.com

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