A doula (also known as birth attendant) is trained and experienced in the physiological, emotional and spiritual elements of birth. Each doula brings with them their uniqueness, skills and additional training.

Doulas are non-medical in their role and work alongside midwives, doctors and alternative health care professionals to ensure 100% support and optimal birth outcomes are achieved.  


Every woman who engages a doula to support them has their own unique reason why. Often women will meet with two or three doulas to find that special support person that best meets their birthing and parenting values and needs. Having doula support can also encourage self sufficiency, confidence and resilience as well as assisting in building strong support networks and a village in preparation for birth and beyond.

Benefits of having the presence of a doula present during pregnancy, birth and post partum:

  • reduces incidence of c-sections

  • may shorten the length of labour

  • reduces epidural and analgesic requests

  • increases breastfeeding initiation and continuation

  • increases mother's satisfaction of birth experience

  • can reduce the incidence of post partum depletion

  • increases confidence in body and parenting abilities


  • Initial consultation FREE of charge

  • 5 appointments throughout your pregnancy and post partum (total of 5 appointments)

  • 24 hr telephone, text message and email support between appointments

  • Access to the Pickles and Ice Cream book library

  • Full birth support including early labour, birth and immediate post-partum (depending on hospital restrictions at the time)

  • And all those special touches that will nurture you in a heartfelt way!



Pregnancy and Post Partum can be experienced as times of great love and joy with equal amounts of adjustment and exhaustion. This time is different for every woman and every family and your experience may vary considerably.


Having extra support can be reassuring and assist you in a smooth transition to parenthood. You and your family’s wellbeing is important to me.

Pregnancy and post partum appointments can include but not limited to:

  • discussing your support needs during pregnancy and for your birth and post partum period

  • phone and email support between appointments 

  • foot soaks and gentle bodywork

  • herbal teas

  • birth plan brainstorming

  • Birth education, preparation and birthing options

  • support with relationships and connection

  • discussing any previous birth trauma and opportunity to debrief 

  • breastfeeding support

  • Pelvic herbal steam and cleansing

  • Closing of the bones ceremony

  • supporting you with any questions, or concerns that may arise along the way

  • Anything else? please ask I am open to all your thoughts and ideas.

If there is something that's not listed above please ask.I allow flexibility within our appointments to go all the places you need to ensure you feel safe and supported every step of the way.