The deluxe doula package includes:

• 6–8 pre-natal visits. These can include attending hospital appointments or other complementary health-care appointments as necessary;
• 2 pregnancy massages;
• early labour, birth and post-birth support;
• 4 post-natal visits;
• access to the Pickles and Ice Cream library;
• 24-hour email support;
• ongoing phone support;
• a personalised gift.

Initial free consultation Get to know each other and develop an idea of your needs and wants for your pregnancy and birth

Pre-natal visit 1 Meet with you and your partner to discuss your thoughts and feelings and offer support, guidance, reassurance and information as you begin to discuss your birth and desired outcomes.

Pre-natal visit 2 Sit back and enjoy a warm aromatherapy foot soak while we discuss your birth preferences and go over any questions you may have in preparation for your birth.

Pre-natal visit 3 Go over any further questions or queries that have arisen along the way and enjoy a relaxation pregnancy massage.

Pre-natal visit 4 Meet with you and your partner one more time before your birth to discuss your birthing day plans and answer any last minute questions you may have.

Pre-natal visit 5–8 These remain flexible to include your 2 x pregnancy massages and 2 extra visits or choose from a selection of the following:

• attendance at a hospital appointment with you;
• pregnancy photography session;
• wellbeing/counselling appointment;
• techniques for relaxation to assist in reducing anxiety and fear; or
• something you choose at the time.

Birth Early labour support in your home or hospital of choice. Full birth and immediate post-birth support until you are settled with your baby.

Post-natal visit 1 Around day 3 or 4. I like to visit to ensure you and bubs are comfortable and assist with breastfeeding if required. I am also available to answer any questions you may have at this time.

Post-natal visit 2 Between day 7 and 10 to assist with all your enquiries and have a chat about how you are feeling and coping at this time.

Post-natal visit 3 Between day 14 and 21. A gentle visit, offering support in your early parenting transition. Assist with any enquires you may have.

Post-natal visit 4 Opportunity to bring your doula package to a close. Discuss any ongoing care and establish a post-natal doula package if needed. Please see post-natal doula packages for more information.

I remain contactable via email 24 hours a day and via telephone 9.30am to 5.30pm weekdays until you feel completely settled.

Please note that all visits are made at times to fit in with you and your family. Suggested times and topics of discussion for this package can be flexible to meet your needs. Evening appointments can be arranged on request.