Pre-conception counselling​

Pre-conception counselling provides a space to discuss and explore intentions and feelings around your desires to conceive, fertility treatments and options, relationships, support options, grief and loss or any past or present issues that may be presenting in this time. 




Pregnancy counselling

​Throughout pregnancy and birth women experience many physical and emotional changes.

As these changes arise it can bring about the opportunity to explore and release some old or reoccurring thoughts and feelings. Releasing and letting go can create space to invite new insights and healing in preparation for your birthing and early parenting.

Pregnancy and birth counselling encourages and enables women to access the inner resources they need to become confident and empowered mothers.

Other topics explored often include partner support, careers, the shift to parenting, physical experiences of birth and your body, breastfeeding, siblings and family dynamics.





Birth Debriefing

Birth debriefs are gentle appointments designed to support you in sharing and understanding your birth experience, explore any grief from unexpected birth outcomes and discuss any thoughts or feelings that are arising as a result of your birthing and early parenting experience.





Grief and loss counselling

Grief and loss can come in many forms throughout your life, pregnancy, birth and early parenting period.

​Some may experience miscarriage or loss of a little one, while others are making adjustments within their relationship or leaving a much loved career behind or on hold.

I provide a safe therapeutic space to support you in moving through your experience. Grief is an individual and natural process that unfolds in its own time. There is no rush when it comes to grief. Your wellbeing is important.